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What is upskirting and is it illegal?

Over the past ten to twenty years, the explosion in mobile technology has put a camera in everyone’s hand and made it much easier to photograph and record our lives. Unfortunately, that capability is quite dangerous in the hands of perverts. The practice of “upskirting,” or taking images of someone’s private area without their permission, has been enabled by modern technology.

Picture this, it is a warm spring day, and you have decided to meet a friend for a cup of coffee. You are wearing a short skirt, and as you are standing in line, the man behind you drops his cell phone to thigh-level and begins snapping pictures of you from underneath your dress. You are not the victim of upskirting. So what are your recourse options? In the state of California, upskirting is classified as disorderly conduct, and it is a misdemeanor. Anyone found guilty of upskirting can face a year in jail or a fine of $2,000.

It is incredibly common for women who notice they are being upskirted to feel ashamed and embarrassed. While that reaction is understandable, it is something you will have to overcome to identify your abuser and seek legal action. If you notice that someone is taking intimate pictures of you without your consent, call the police. Do not let embarrassment stop you from putting an end to this predatory behavior. When victims of sexually-related crimes feel shame, the abuser wins. It is not easy to stand up for yourself and your right to privacy, but violations are never ok, and they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Think of it this way, if you are the victim of upskirting, you are probably not the abuser’s first victim, but if you call the police and prosecute, you may just be their last victim.

Take control of your body and your privacy, and call us for support in doing so. Our legal team is well versed in the sensitive nature of cases like these, and we can help you to take down the pervert of objectifying you in public. Stand up for yourself and say, “stop.” When you do so, you will be standing up for victims everywhere, and we will be by your side when you do it.

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