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What are your legal rights if someone is threatening to release a nude picture? - We Rise Legal

What are your legal rights if someone is threatening to release a nude picture?

Imagine that someone is threatening to make you the victim of revenge porn, what should you do?

Revenge porn is the abhorrent practice of releasing someone’s intimate images without their consent. It is a crime, and it is incredibly emotionally damaging for the victim. We Rise Legal, located in Irvine, has been advising clients for years to press charges against their abusers when they discover that their images have been leaked, but that leaves many people wondering what they should do if they are being blackmailed with their own photos.

If someone is threatening to release your nude images, it is easy to feel powerless. Many people cave to their blackmailer’s demands in an attempt to preserve their privacy and their dignity. This is the wrong move. This type of blackmail, colloquially referred to as sextortion, is a crime, and caring in the blackmailer’s demands is only going to encourage their behavior. Remember, you are not wrong for having nude images of yourself. You were not wrong for sharing them with someone you are or were intimate with.

In the case of sextortion, the blackmailer is wrong 100% of the time. If you are being blackmailed with your own images, stay calm, take screenshots of your messages with the blackmailer, and call our law firm in Orange County. We also recommend blocking your abuser and changing all of your online passwords.

Sextortion can come in many forms. You can be victimized by a loved one, an acquaintance, or even a scammer who intentionally coerces you into sharing nudes with the sole purpose of hanging them over your head. It is wrong in all forms. The most important thing you can do in the face of sextortion is to remember that you are the victim and that your abuser should not be allowed to get away with this crime.

The legal team at We Rise Legal is ready and willing to take on these cases without judgment and with an abundance of compassion. We understand that this type of victimization can be complicated to face head-on, but with Attorney Mandana on your side, you can take back your power. Do not let your abuser win. Stand up for your rights and fight for your privacy. We will be with you every step of the way.

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