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Have You Been Illegally Surveilled?

Illegal Surveillance Refers To The Act Of Placing

clandestine recording devices like cameras with the intent of spying on someone as they dress, use the restroom, or while doing anything else in which intimate parts of the body are exposed. It is horrifying to think that private dressing rooms, restrooms, and even our own homes may be equipped with secret recording devices. Unlawful surveillance is a huge violation and should be taken incredibly seriously.

This specific practice became illegal in 2003 under Stephanie’s Law. Stephanie Fuller discovered that her landlord had hidden a video camera in the smoke detector above her bed. He later sold images of her changing and having sex. At the time, the only thing they could charge him with was trespassing, so Fuller lobbied hard and had a law prohibiting this specific type of voyeurism was passed.

Unlawful Surveillance camera on a computer desk
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How We Will Take Action

At We Rise Legal, we take unlawful surveillance just as seriously as Fuller did. If you suspect of discover that someone is taking photos of you or is recording you without your permission, then call us for help right away. You have a right to privacy, and if that right has been violated we can help you to stand up for yourself and take back your power.

We will help you to penalize your violators to the fullest extent of the law, and we can help you come to terms with the violation. Being a victim of unlawful surveillance is intense, and can often lead to paranoia and trust issues. At We Rise Legal, we understand how difficult cases like this are on the victim, and we will not let you fight or suffer alone. Call us today for help. We are here for you, and we will fight hard to make things right.