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Have You Been a Victim of Sextortion?

Sextortion is the newly developed practice of baiting

someone into sharing intimate images and then blackmailing them with those images. Men are most often victimized by this practice. For example, let’s say a man named Jay meets Kayla on a dating application. After chatting for several hours, Kayla asks him to send nude images which he then does. Soon after the images are sent, someone posing as Kayla’s parent informs Jay that Kayla is underage. Kayla’s “parent” then tells Jay that he may be facing serious legal charges for sharing pornographic images with a minor. Jay is offered an out. If he pays money to Kayla’s “parent”, neither Kayla or her “parent” will inform the authorities. Panicked, Jay pays the money, most likely through Bitcoin, PayPal, or another electronic payment service.

This type of extortion is particularly insidious because it is designed to make the victim feel as if they are being done a favor, when in fact they are being blackmailed.

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What To Do If You Are The Victim of Sextortion:

We understand that being involved in sextortion can leave you with complicated feelings, but it is important to remember that you are the victim of a crime and that the perpetrators must be stopped. If you have been victimized in this way, take the following steps:

  • Contact an attorney right away. This situation is delicate and your attorney can help you make a police report.
  • Take screenshots of your conversation with the extortionists and do not communicate with them further. Suspend or deactivate your social media and dating accounts until the issue is resolved.
  • Do not pay the extortionists. Victims who comply with the payment demands often receive further demands from these criminals.
  • Keep a record of everything you can regarding your contact with the extortionists. Write down the names and handles they use, the times at which you communicated, and anything distinctive about them.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to remain calm. Our legal team is well versed in crimes like these, so you will not have to face this situation alone. Don’t wait. Call today.