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Have you ever tried Googling your own name?

The top results will probably include your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, and degrees or recognitions you have obtained, and any personal or professional websites that you appear on.

Now imagine Googling something rude or hateful, and finding intimate or humiliating images or videos of yourself. Even worse, imagine googling something as benign as your own name and finding those personal, private photos. If this happens to you, you are the victim of revenge porn.

Posting intimate and/or sexual photos without the subject’s consent is considered revenge porn, and is taking seriously under the law. By posting your images publicly and making them searchable with inappropriate and highly sexualized or abusive terms, revenge porn perpetrators are ensuring that a wide swath of the Internet can see their victim’s images. It is despicable, and it is something that we are trying to eradicate.

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Takedown Your Intimate Photos

Fortunately, getting search engines to take down your intimate photos that were taken without your consent is much easier than it used to be. We have worked with every major search engine operating today, and can happily represent you in your fight for justice.

Remember, it does not matter if the person who posted the images is a friend, lover, or enemy. Posting sensitive content in any way that you did not condone is completely unacceptable. Many people believe that hiding behind their keyboard makes their bad behavior ok, and we are here to tell them that it is not ok. Posting revenge porn has lasting real-world implications for the victim. No one should be able to get away with that.

We will work hard to ensure that every time you Google yourself, the only results you see are positive, and are all-around more indicative of who you are.