Important information regarding COVID-19 | Información importante sobre el Coronavirus
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Protect Yourself from Hackers Exploiting COVID19 ears

The rapid spread and high death rates of the COVID-19 virus (more colloquially known as the coronavirus) has led to a lot of fear and paranoia among our nation’s citizens. And while a healthy dose of caution and respect for safety are necessary during a global crisis such as this, some scammers have come to rely on the inevitable panic that some people feel, and are using it to exploit those of us who are most vulnerable.

These types of scams are generally seen online, and they are disguised as emails about donating to the cause, “warnings” from what looks like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and information about tax refunds as they relate to the virus. Information about this virus is intense and evolving, which is why it is understandable that people would be fooled by these phishing scams. In order to protect yourself from these abhorrent hackers, take the following steps:

– Do not open an email about COVID-19 unless it is from a personal contact or from a business that you have worked with in the past.
– Rely on news organizations for updates about safety procedures and cures, not forwarded emails.
– Only donate to reputable organizations that can be researched easily. Anyone emailing you asking for a donation probably does not deserve to get one.

Generally speaking, it is important to be cautious when operating online, but during times of crisis like this when emotions are running high it is extra important to be vigilant. We hope that everyone out there stays safe during this pandemic, and that involves both protecting yourself from the spread of the disease and from the hackers trying to take advantage of your stress. So wash your hands, don’t touch your face, practice social distancing and be incredibly skeptical regarding emails and communication regarding this virus.

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