Online/Offline Stalking

and Abuse

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Restraining Orders For Online/Offline Stalking and Abuse

When most people picture a “stalker” they think of someone surreptitiously following someone else from location to location.

They might appear at a workplace, at a home, or in any other public place the victim spends their time. Under the law, stalking is simply defined as the unwanted pursuit of another person…and that pursuit does not have to be limited to real-life encounters.

Online stalking can and does happen regularly. You can easily be stalked without ever coming face to face with your stalker. If someone is following you on social media, leaving unwanted comments, sending you private emails and following you from site to site posting abusive and or unwanted comments and notices, then you are being cyberstalked.

Restraining Orders To Address Abuse

Victims of abuse can obtain a protection order/restraining order to ensure their abuser cannot come near them. These court orders are signed by a judge and instruct abusers not to have contact with the victim and to stop any abusive behavior or activity toward the victim. If the abuser violates any of the instructions of the order, they can face serious repercussions.

We Rise Legal is here to protect you and help you out of ay abusive relationship or situation. You’re not alone. If you are experiencing physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or any other type of abusive behavior, the We Rise Legal team can help.

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We Will Take Legal Action And File a Restraining Order

We Rise Legal has helped dozens of clients to obtain restraining orders for both offline and online stalking. If you are being stalked offline, a restraining order will bar the stalker from contacting or approaching you. If you are a victim of abuse offline or online, a restraining order will bar your abuser from contacting or approaching you. They often order the stalker/abuser to stay away from you at a specific distance (like 50 or 100 yards). If you are being stalked online, it can be more difficult to obtain a court order that says your stalker may not follow you or contact you online, but it is possible. We have helped many clients obtain rulings that say they may not be contacted anymore by their online stalker.

It is frightening to be stalked because there is a fear that the already intimidating behavior will escalate. If you are being followed either online or offline, call us today. We will help you to get a restraining order and we will help you fight if the order is ever violated.

When it comes to stalking, putting up with it is never the solution. You need to take decisive, legal action in order to protect yourself, and we can help.